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Frequently asked questions for Baltimore repair Carpet

"Columbia repair carpet Dynamically fixes carpet"

We do Baltimore repair carpet, Columbia repair carpet.thoughout the county and city. Towson, Catonsville, Monkton, Essex and Parkton. Westminster Glen Burnie Middle River and Columbia repair carpet.  Arbutus all around the Baltimore beltway Dundalk Rosedale and Hunt Valley. Also up Interstate 83 and all areas off 83

 If there is no spare carpet probably there is a closet attached to that room’. Therefore we only need enough carpet to repair the spot or burn. Consequently we can take a piece from a corner of the closet and usually no one will mind. Therefore  you can find at your dollar store a small piece to replace that piece from the closet.

Noteworthy factors that determine how noticable your repair will be. 

#1 How big is the repair. The smaller the spot, the less noticable it should be.

#2 Thickness of the carpet. A carpet with a thicker pile is going to be less noticable.Oppisite a short pile or commercial type carpet should turn out just as well.

#3 A contrast between a 10 year old worn and walked on carpet. Therfore the piece we take from the closet which is like brand new could have a contrast. In conclusion a burn, pet accident versus repairing a little contrast difference is usually not a concern. In conclusion “Repair or Replace?

 If the repair is a restretch  to remove wrinkes from the carpet to get it flat.Therefore chances are once we power stretch the carpet that carpet should be fine for a long time. Noteworthy varibles are (office chairs rolling on carpet, wheelchair use ect)

If the carpet repair is a patch and the carpet is in good condition this repair should be intact for a long time without incident.

If the carpet is really worn out and in a very high traffic area  we would recomend when vacuuming that area to take care. Therefore the repair and it’s integrity will remain intact for as long you like. Therfore as long as the job is qualified accuratley our customers are more then pleased with the outcome. Finally I don’t recall ever having a complaint or a redo as long as everyone knows what to expect.

Whatever suits your schedule will work with our schedule. If you need us there at a certain time of day we can usually accomadate that within a 30 minute time frame.  We usually give the customer a 1 hour window between 9 & 10 am for instance. Therfore we NEVER tell you sometime between 9 and 5. We schedule as needed and always punctual for 40 years and take pride in you expecting that as well.

Yes not a problem York PA, Hanover PA, Gettysburg, Dover, and Harrisburg surrounding areas.

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